watching my back for the holiday season.

Luckily, I have Sophie to watch my back for the Holiday's totally sneaking up on me! I did a mass present shop last night for friends' birthdays and Christmas with my husband. I've also been adding LOADS of new listing to my closet shop, check 'em out HERE!

I actually stumbled upon this trench coat last week, it's the same exact one I wore yesterday but in red, the color I wanted the most originally! Now I have both and I am ready to get rid of a lot of other jackets so that I can wear the pansy ones most of the time!

I last wore my polka-dot velvet dress HERE for a style challenge, back in July, also featuring Sophie!
I last wore my cat bag HERE with a pop of pink for Friendsgiving!
I last wore my flower docs HERE with some fun plaid!

I don't honestly wear this dress very's pretty formal but I think it's perfect for a work holiday party tonight! This is my first time wearing it with doc martens to make it slightly more casual. …

rainbow pansies.

As you may or may not, I've been obsessed with this trench coat for 11 years, since I first saw it and almost bought it but my mom hated it. I've had it in the classic colorful pansy design for a little over a year (it was a bit of a splurge) and just happened to stumble upon it when looking to see if any new ones in red popped up for a crazy steal price of only $60 on Poshmark last week! So now I have both and so I am selling several of my less-worn jackets in my Poshmark closet which I would love for you the check out!

I last wore my denim rhinestone pocket shirt dress HERE to a happy hour!
I last wore my pansy trench coat HERE with a work/meeting look!
I last wore my classic Florence Magubas HERE with a mostly orange Fall outfit!

The bag is NEW to me, I just got it for $20 off Poshmark on Black Friday! It is so much bigger than I realized, it even fits my Tablet AND a sweater! It would be great for a day trip, movie outing, or other occasions when I would need more things…

silver stars & silver velvet.

The *star* of today's outfit (sorry for the pun, but not really that sorry) is this super lovely gray/silvery velvet dress with fun buttons down the front, girly sleeve cuffs and POCKETS. It's a great modest length but looks shorter on me because of the 4' platforms and would be PERFECT for any holiday party, date, or get together! It is currently for sale in my Poshmark Closet HERE! If it was my size I would DEFINITELY keep it but I would be more of an XS and it's a M, if you are interested ;)

I got this star studded leather jacket from Poshmark last year & my husband hates it but I really love it! I last wore it HERE with a pop of pink!

I last wore my platform black clogs HERE with a favorite, PacMan themed look!

 I actually mustered up the energy to do my hair this morning since I have a holiday party in a few days and I'm always so happy when I do make the time for myself to straighten it! It really makes me feel pretty glamorous. Also, the Rapunzel vibes…

dark pink, light pink, a lot of pink.

I don't think I've ever worn this much pink since I was a little kid but I'm honestly into it. My husband even liked it! He said I look like I could be on the Miss Patina website, which is a big complement. I think it could be the color that puts it over the top! The donut collar!

I last wore this hot pink dress HERE with a purple accent!
I last wore my donut shirt HERE (with the same clogs, they just really match the strawberry frosting) with a mostly white look!
I last wore my pink clogs HERE just last Friday, for my Friendsgiving dinner party!
I last wore my cactus bag HERE with a beautiful rainbow dress!
I'm thinking of using it for some of my holiday parties, it's a pretty fun conversation piece and has a bit of sparkle, even if I'm wearing a chunky sweater or heavy coat!
I last wore my pink lace up sleeve sweater HERE with a more monotone (same hue) pink look!

I'm wearing: beret-eBay, sweater-ebay, donut shirt-Marshall's, dress-ae (poshmark), soc…

a sprinkle of sequined stars.

I just got these new (to me) sequin star jeans on Poshmark last week and I love how they are different than all my other jeans...a bit stiffer (90's almost), high waisted, and they have these really fun navy stars in sequins all over which go with my newish clogs SO well! I think they are a bit festive for the holiday season as well!

I last wore my suede jacket quite a while ago on the blog HERE (with the same tee!) although, I did grab it for a night out last week since it is (slowly) getting cooler outside!

I last wore my clogs just a few posts ago HERE for a casual day shopping with some plaid and denim up top!

I last wore my mustard-colored origami print tee HERE recently, for a color challenge with a taupe faux suede skirt! I loved that outfit and definitely want to repeat it, maybe with some boots since it's getting chilly.

I last wore my 'chica' circle purse HERE with a lemon-themed look (and the same shoes)!

I'm wearing: sunglasses-anthropologie, jacket-vi…

at the movies: Frozen II

It definitely felt like years since 'Frozen' came out, probably more years ago than it really has been!
Nonetheless, my good friend and I decided to go all in and see the sequel together (nobody else really wanted to that we knew) and honestly, neither of us had regrets.

In some ways, it was a lot more rewarding than the original movie.
It definitely had more for adults, in our opinion, including a musical number that was classic 1980's rock inspired, extremely reminiscent of 'Meat Loaf' and similar classic power ballads.

My personal favorite five things about the movie were:
1. The music moved the plot forward and was not completely distracting in the way it was in 'Frozen' (the original)

2. There is clear character development and growth, it is especially interesting to see the sisters' push and pull throughout the film.

3. Politics are a subtle star of the movie as debates and histories spark up about leadership and direction of kingdoms/societies.

wild roses & red clogs.

Happy Sunday and HAPPY DECEMBER! How did that happen?
Just in case you are interested, today is the start of my first ever created style challenge for the whole month, called #decembrights! Check it out on Instagram!

This first week of Decembrights (Winter Brights themed looks) is all about Jewel Tones and today, I am full Ruby!

I last wore my red leaf punch clogs HERE with the same beret but a denim shirt and red shorts (reversed)!

I last wore my scallop red top HERE in a quick outfit post!

I last wore my red rose jeans HERE with the same top but different clogs and a different beret!

& I just wore my red bag yesterday, so no need to link it up!

 I'm wearing: beret-vintage (poshmark), top-marshall's, bag-liebskind berlin (thrifted), jeans-nanette lapore (thrifted), sunglasses-oui fresh, clogs-sven clogs 'leaf punch mary jane' in red leather

 I hope you are having a lovely end to your weekend! xx