avocado life.

I love Saturdays. Today, I'm debuting my new avocado skirt that I got at the end of August before my pre-no-shop-September mission!

I last wore my green clogs HERE!
I last wore my green cold shoulder tee HERE.

 I'm wearing: skirt-amazon, tee-anthropologie, bag-vince camuto 'chica', clogs-lotta from stockholm

 Happy Saturday! Do you love wearing food theme fashion like me? xx

red roses.

I think this blouse might be a bit lucky because when I wear it, I go out to eat a very yummy dinner that night...which is what happened today with my awesome ricotta pizza. Yum!

It was a red theme, and every Friday, is #FridayFeet on instagram for a group of shoe lovers so I was trying to shoot the best shoefies to capture my super cute gold clogs!
I love the weekends. I hope you have a great one! For me, this weekend is all about low key relaxation and I'm pumped!

I last wore this red top HERE in a look that a lot of you though was a dress! I love wearing seperates that look like one piece!

I last wore my gold clogs HERE with my thrifted apple dress!

I last wore my rose jeans HERE with a strawberry-themed look (and my same shoes)!

 It's probably a bit seasonally confused to wear a beret and sandals and jeans and cold shoulder but that's just the kind of way I'm feeling. It's a weird mix of pre-Fall and summer with the temps still riding high on the thermometer.

mixed print dress.

It's somehow Thursday already...the challenge today was to wear mixed prints so I took the easy way out and wore a dress that already has mixed prints in it!

I'm really surprised that I haven't worn this dress since June, HERE! I think it's because ti's not 'flattering' definitely baggy and comfy but it is so easy to wear on a hot day or layer with sweaters in the Fall. I want to wear it more!

I did a really fun (and romantic?) photo shoot last time I wore these cute clogs HERE with a bouquet of roses!

I last wore my mustard circle purse with a fun girly Western look HERE.

 I'm wearing: sunglasses-balenciaga (thrifted) dress-anthropologie, bag-vince camuto 'chica', clogs-sven 'bow knot' in taupe

 Happy almost-Friday! I'm just going to try to stay cool, hydrated, & make the most out of my straightened hair before it gets too greasy to avoid washing it! xx

nine eleven.

Years won't change how hard this day will always be for so many people. I don't feel like writing about it or sharing greeting card style sentiments on any social media. I don't want to watch the news. I don't want to 'share my story' as a native New Yorker. I just want to reflect and send my energy and genuine sympathy towards those who need it.

I wore red white and blue in honor of my country and my mom wore her NYPD t-shirt in honor as well.
I just can't believe how long it's been since that awful day. I"m very grateful for all that I have and that my NYC loved ones were safe. It was definitely a mood booster spending some time with my mom's poodles. Dogs are definitely therapeutic. 

 I last wore these lace up clogs in May, with a lace up inspired look HERE! They feel more like Fall wear because they are suede. They've been a bit snug for the longest time but after using some of my shoe stretching spray, they feel SO much better and I h…

Ruby Tuesday.

Just a pretty simple dressy-ish outfit for lunch with a friend!
I haven't worn this dress since May for Spring Restaurant Week and it's already almost Fall Restaurant Week so it seemed like a good time to take it out again for a spin!

Last time I wore this dress with gold accessories/clogs HERE and  also with my heart bag that is currently FOR SALE!

I last wore my cute Magubas HERE with a fun orange themed outfit!

I'm wearing: dress & sunglasses-anthropologie, bag-liebskind berlin, clogs-Maguba 'Florence' HERE

It's still in the 100s (F) temp wise here in the desert but I just NEED to share my Fall boots I got over the summer on Poshmark by Michael Kors FOR ONLY $25 (!!!) so here you go:

 Is it bad that I'm dreaming of wearing boots and tights and sweaters already? Fall Fashion is definitely my favorite. I love be all snuggled up with lots of layers and accessories like hats and you?

If you are into being boot twins, my boots are called …