kate spade cactus vibes today.

I was seeing a lot of fashion challenges recently that called for 'pieces you haven't worn in a really long time' so I was inspired (not enough to do a capsule collection but still). I immediately thought of these beloved cactus sandals that I found years ago on mega clearance on Amazon and took the chance in sizing down to an 8 because of how flat they are (I'm an 8.5 in heels) and wow, did it pay off! They fit like custom Greek sandals. They are definitely a pain to tie up/put on/take off but they are so pretty that I don't mind once in a while!
Plus this is a new level of your shoes matching your bag, right? It was crazy how I found the matching mini backpack (and coin purse, not pictured) at the Kate Spade outlet store about a year after I had these!

I'm wearing: cat earrings-hot topic purple sunglasses-won from instagram backpack-Kate Spade last worn HERE cactus sandals-Kate Spade last worn HERE Gap linen dress-(poshmark) last worn HERE
wow, I haven't worn thes…

shark in the trees.

I had a different original outfit planned today but it just didn't work out the way the way I thought so I decided to mix it up a bit and take out my shark tee!I've been really nostalgic lately for Savers' $1 mens' tees (where I got this gem).
I haven't been thrifting in a store since feels like years.

I'm wearing: sunhat-thrifted Jaw's tee-thrifted teal tulle skirt-Fox's Designer (NY) clogs-Sven Clogs sunglasses-Moschino (poshmark)
What are some of your fave tshirts? Do you like vintage ones too? xx

saguaro style all the way from London...

The first time I wore this dress, for my husband's birthday dinner with my parents, my mom said 'wait, it's from England? They don't have cacti there!'I was as surprised as anyone else when I saw a few super cute cactus items on the Miss Patina London website but as a crazy cactus lady, I'm definitely NOT complaining. This is almost certainly one of my favorite summer dresses ever and I just LOVE it! It fits me so well and it's super light weight and easy to wear in the desert! You know I love a good neck tie moment too!  I mixed it up a bit from last time and wore it with my prickly pear cactus boots this time! I haven't been wearing my cowgirl boots so much this summer, I just hate having overheated feet and it's been crazy hot but I think I will try to mix them in a bit more because I just love the way they look with short dresses and skirts so much! I even put my docs back into commission last week for a style challenge and that was a fun way to …

the perfect denim dress doesn't exi...

Happy Tuesday!Today is the grand debut of DUN DUN DUN perfect denim midi dress (for all 4 seasons)! I've literally been searching for 15 years, my favorite one ever was in the 90's/early '00's and from the gap, I think with a cute little flower embroidered pocket in the front and it buttoned down but regular not funky, like this one!
I would have been okay with straight down buttons but these add a bit of something fun so I don't mind. The real valuable part for me, is that the whole back is smocked ELASTIC for the perfect fit! Plus the straps are adjustable! Win, win! I also have always preferred dark denim for dresses!  I got it on Poshmark, by Universal Thread, for $15 (plus shipping) and it was totally worth it for me. I definitely have some failed (for me) denim dresses for sale in my shop but that's part of not knowing how the denim is going to fit on your body without trying it on, and also, I mean always elastic! I don't know why I didn't…

cats ahoy!

Happy Monday!I felt very nautical today so here is my best (cat) cruise wear! 

I'm wearing: hat-nordstrom rack marc jacobs sailor top-poshmark, last worn HERE mermaid cat skirt-Miss Patina London, last worn HERE knee socks-amazon navy clogs-Sven Clogs, last worn HERE glasses-dolce & gabanna 

I've been flip-flopping all month about whether or not I wanted new Docs for Fall and which ones I want the most...

Here are some contenders I had:

left: Jadon Max Stud, right: 'day of the dead' pascal (limited edition)

left: pascal floral embossed leather, right: Jadon 'daze' (limited edition)

left: virginia suede boot, right: pascal snake embossed leather (comes in so many cool colors)! All images from Google, I recommend shopping for Docs on: Dr. Marten official, current 50% sale 6 pm ASOS & (secondhand)
Depop Mercari Poshmark ****use code SAGUAROSTYLE for a credit if you are new to the app when signing on!

Here's what I chose (secondhand!):
These aqua Pascals are barely worn, my f…