date night for clog-eralla.

Back in 2012, before I even went on my clog journey, Loeffler Randall (luxury designer) teamed up with Sven Clogs (one of my favorite shoe companies at the moment for very good reason) for a killer collab and these babies were on my wishlist for the longest time! I really wanted them in yellow but they were impossible to find and when I found them on eBay, super reasonably priced in gold (even though I have way too many metallic clogs) I couldn't resist the opportunity to add them to my collection! They are SO beautiful. The only flaw in my mind was that the underside of the gold leather ties was gray, and didn't look good at all in my opinion, so I leather painted the inside of the ties rosegold to (corny pun incoming) tie it all together.  There are just a few pairs for sale right on Poshmark, if you want to try your luck! 
 I got my dress SO cheap ($35) at one of those Anthropologie extra 25% off sales a while ago and it was so great to bring on my Europe trip too. It was d…

weekend warrior.

Today has been pretty lowkey overall. I had my teeth cleaned and it was nice to get them all shiny and clean--especially to hear that I don't have any cavities or dental concerns, which is always a big relief.
I'm feeling pretty sore still from the procedure on Tuesday but I have been binge watching THIS TRUE CRIME 8 PART SERIES (free on A&E) since last night and I am hooked an in admiration for how brave some documentary participants are in confronting suspects and dangerous people. It is fascinating and I never realized just how dedicated online communities are for trying to help solve cold cases also...definitely worth watching. Especially if you watched and enjoyed Killer Legends on Netflix by the same people.
It's nice that it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a night out tomorrow with some good friends. Double dates are really fun!

The #simplystyledmay challenge prompt was to use tassels today so I wore my dream catcher necklace that has a big gold ta…


The amount of business and preparations I had to do this week for my colonoscopy (sorry, I won't go super into it but that's part of Chrohn's Disease) left me sluggish, starving, underslept, and slightly nervous but I have come out the other side yesterday afternoon and slept a lot yesterday, went out for yummy burgers with my dad, and then slept even more. I hate going under anesthesia.
My dad ended up treated me to a luxury blowout and trim (3' were cut!) this morning (thanks, dad!).
 I was just feeling like hopping (gently) back into the #simplystyledmay challenge. I missed the 'dress (to impress)' and 'rainbow bright' prompts and today's prompt is 'feeling myself' so I used today's outfit to kind of roll all three challenges together! I also have been wanting to wear this adorable Lazy Oaf top for months, almost a year, and I think I finally paired it with the right outfit! It's a little brighter than my usual vibe but I think i…


Today's #simplystyledmay prompt is 'greener days ahead' which I interpreted by best of green fashion items! This is definitely a very basic outfit but suited me since I don't have a whole lot planned. Tomorrow is my fast for my colonoscopy on Wednesday early morning so my energy is somewhat low. Mothers' Day was great last night--my husband and I spent a few hours hanging with my mom and dad (who were both very wiped out from all my sister's graduation festivities) so we had a very low key home cooked meal (by my dad) and my husband surprised my mom with her favorite dessert--home made whoopie pies! It was his first time ever making them and they came out AMAZING! He also made the smart decision to use whipped cream instead of the saccharine typical filling (marshmallow fluff, sugar, butter, cream cheese, ect.) which made the dessert way more summery and light! It was awesome. We had a really nice time!

 I spent a lot of time writing a message to my mom on th…

stay golden.

Another #simplystyledmay challenge (on instagram), today's prompt is simply 'metallics' and of course, I have a lot of great metallic shoes (and some bags with a few details) but had to go with my Sven (gifted) gold halter top clogs. I decided to make a new pairing and mixed them with some red and my awesome gold cat necklace to make a casual Saturday/Caturday outfit just a little bit special! I also did a faux bob which I just kind of stumbled up on by accident when playing with my hair this morning. Fun times!

It was really nice going to Happy Hour with some ladies I used to work with (before I took sick leave). It was so encouraging to have such good vibes and everybody just rooting for me to get better and fight of this Chrohn's flare up! My colonscopy is scheduled for Wednesday (early) morning so I will probably be on here blogging and catching up with blogs I love when I am fasting all day on Tuesday (waaah). 
 Mother's Day is already tomorrow, and I can'…

let your light shine down.

(Lyrics in title from Collective Soul 'shine.')
Today's #simplystyledmay prompt was 'get your shine on' so I got my shine on with my shiny star headband, my sparkle pocket denim dress, my silver studded watch & the star of my show, my Sven (c/o) holographic clogs! The way that these holographic clogs sparkle in the light is just AMAZING. I'm in love. I want to wear them more but am not used to styling holographic shoes. I'm considering maybe doing a post featuring how to style holographic shoes and some ideas, would any of you be interested?
I wouldn't say this is a crazy-short dress but it is definitely short even though it's longer in the back and I know I got a couple second takes and car honks when I went to happy hour with some friends tonight. Oh well. I don't wear dresses for the attention--I wear them cause it's hot in the desert and sometimes I don't want to wear pants! Anybody else?
 I'm wearing: shirt dress- Zara, neckla…