19 things: winter item wishlist

for 2019, I'm doing 19 lists or 19 things. If you have any requests, PLEASE COMMENT!
This one is about 19 winter themed things on my current wishlist!
blanknyc 'kingpin' overalls @$168
spiderman into the spider-verse sweatshirt from Amazon @$29
lunar crescent moon earrings from amazon @$14.50
lace up sleeve crop sweatshirt (would be SO cute over dress) @$14.50 plus shipping from China

o ring zip retro boots from China @$15 I love a good o-ring 90s style zipper and silhouette but I usually have trouble with the sizing from China since my foot is usually a 39 and there sizes usually go up to 39 which runs small, in my experience!
I like to prepare ahead with birthday cards! these are an adorable 48 card set from amazon for only $11
Icyzone lace up back wireless sportsbra from amazon @ $14
Guess 'holly' lace sleeved top @$69
Miss-chevious checkerboard tee @29
littlealienproducts handmade socks from Etsy (I would also happily take any and all socks by Lotta from Stockh…


I've been obsessed with this lilac moto jacket for months but it's finally, in January getting cold enough in Arizona to wear it! It really popped when I paired it with all black and I felt a little bit like Judy Funnie when I added a beret from Paris as the cherry on top!

 I'm wearing: beret- Paris, jacket HERE, pants-joie (mom's hand me down), otk boots from Vince Camuto HERE, bag- Coach NY (eBay)

Would you wear a boldly colored moto jacket? How would you style it? Do you like berets this winter? Do you mind when your OTK boots remind you of a pirate (these definitely do for me)?
Let me know below!


I challenged myself with making a simple Spring-y striped work dress into an edgier winter look by pairing it with my Sofft otk boots and my go-to moto jacket that I wear at least 3 times a week. It so surprisingly comfy and warm (fully lined with rayon) and it is faux leather but feels very real and looks quite expensive for what I paid...($39). Gotta love Marshall's & TJMaxx, am I right?

 I'm wearing: sunglass- old, pacsun, dress Marshall's, otk boots- Sofft via Poshmark, jacket JOA at Marshall's
 Do you ever try to update Spring dresses or mix seasons to get more use of your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!


Do you ever dabble in western wear? This outfit started because I wanted to take my new (from Poshmark) lace up velvet moto jacket for a spin and I thought the green on the jacket would pick up the green on my Cactus boots that I've been obsessed with since I picked them up on Black Friday. Hope you like this look as much as I do. It's like urban cowgirl, city western, and it was perfect for a pretty regular weekday!

 I'm wearing: western shirt Miss Me (for sale in my closet!), leather look jeans- Joie, jacket- blanc noir (from poshmark), boots- Corral available for 25% off HERE!

19 Red Shoes

I just got my red Sandgrens discontinued super high Milan style clogs from Poshmark in the mail this week so to celebrate, I'm giving you a list of 19  desirable red shoes. Please, help me justify the fact that I have 3 pairs of red shoes (which seems slightly indulgent) by enjoying this list of 19! Starting with
the awesomely embroidered Junk Gypsys above!
the list continues... get the full list of brands & prices from my shoe board HERE


I went with two themes today with my outfit...(and I'm finally caught up on dates and looks, yay!) bow ties and navy with pink! It started with inspiration from beating the game Kirby: Planet Robobot this morning, and wanting to put together a cute outfit to celebrate. I'm going out later and will probably have to throw on warmer boots and and a coat for dinner but this did nicely in the morning and afternoon! && look at my saguaro necklace that was a great xmas gift!

 I'm wearing: anthropologie sweater, marshall's dress, old american apparel knit super high socks, sven bow tie clogs (read my review in my clog diaries post)
Happy Saturday! I'm so happy that it's the weekend.
Do you like to pick themes for outfits?
Let me know below :)